Overseas paper prices panting, mainland China has induction
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Overseas paper prices panting, mainland China has induction

讯:今年以来国际纸浆价格持续攀升,在刚刚过去的5月份,每吨纸浆的价格上涨30至50美元不等。 [CPP114] News: Since the beginning of this year, international pulp prices have continued to rise. In the past May, the price per ton of pulp has increased by 30 to 50 dollars.

A year ago, North American bleached softwood kraft pulp was sold for about $ 640 per ton in the North American market. As of now, the price of bleached softwood kraft pulp in the North of North America has risen to $ 1,000 per ton, an annual increase of more than 56%. The price in the Chinese market also exceeded $ 870 per ton.

According to overseas media reports, a significant increase in international pulp this year is a very important reason for the Chile earthquake in late February. The earthquake led to the suspension of about 4 million tons of pulp, and Chilean pulp exports accounted for about 8% of the global market. China also imported more than 10% of its pulp from Chile.

In addition, strikes in Swedish paper mills in mid-April and overhauls of equipment in European and American pulp mills also affected the global pulp supply. Because the raw materials of some well-known domestic paper brands are derived from international pulp, the production costs of these companies may be pushed up.

At this point, this matter has something to do with you. Yesterday, the reporter contacted a number of supermarkets and tissue wholesalers, and learned that most supermarkets have received price increases from manufacturers. A wholesaler of tissue paper said that the supplier had already revealed that it would be a matter of time before the price of tissue paper and other tissue paper rose.

Tissue paper prices rise on the strings

"I remember this brand of roll paper, 10 rolls are 20 yuan, how do you mark 23 yuan?" Yesterday, in a large supermarket in the urban area, a consumer looked at the supermarkets for several web brands , A look of doubt. The salesman on the side explained that the brand of toilet paper had just been adjusted for price.

The reporter learned in the interview that although the rumors of price increases for toilet paper have been circulating for a long time, only a few brands have actually raised prices. At present, the price of tissue paper in most supermarkets in Hangzhou has not changed for the time being. The supermarket told reporters that "the inventory has not been digested, and the prices of most paper products have basically remained unchanged." However, it can be clearly seen that there are fewer promotional activities for various types of paper products.

Yang Guanmei, PR manager of China Resources Vanguard Supermarket, confirmed to this reporter that Qingfeng, Sujie and other brands of paper products have received notice of price increases, an increase of about 10 percentage points. However, the current prices of paper products sold in supermarkets have not changed. "We have a process to raise prices, not to say that we will raise prices immediately when notified. Strong supermarkets receive notice and will try to raise prices as late as possible, so as to give consumers more benefits."

Yang Guanmei said that rumors about the rising price of tissue paper have been circulating for several months, "said that the increase does not necessarily increase, this may also be a strategy for manufacturers, hype is good for them."

Yu Junhong, deputy manager of the customer service department of Tesco Riverside Store, said that at present most of the paper products in the supermarket have not been adjusted in price, and the original promotion is still continuing. Among them, there is a brand of flat toilet paper, adjusted from 2.29 yuan to 2.80 yuan per pack. "The prices of goods in our supermarkets are controlled by the Shanghai Headquarters, which are uniformly regulated."

Copy paper price increases four times a year

"Office paper is almost on the rise in January. 70 grams of A4 copy paper, which is bought every other month, is more than ten yuan more expensive." Ms. Yang, an office secretary in a Hangzhou company, is responsible for the company's office supplies. She is very sensitive to fluctuations in the price of office supplies such as copy paper. "Now I buy a little more each time because I don't know when the price will rise again."

The owner of the sports shop felt more deeply. "A4 copy paper rose very much. It started to rise at the beginning of the year, rising from as little as two or three yuan to as much as six or seven yuan. By now, a box of A4 paper has risen by more than 20 yuan." The boss told the reporter, "Actually, paper products have gone up. You can see that these soft copies have increased a few dimes."

Mr. Pang is the sales leader of a paper company in Hangzhou. What he often does now is to explain to customers why the price increases. He reluctantly told reporters that because the pressure of rising raw material prices is very high, and the price of paper products has also fluctuated, the price has been raised four times this year. Take A4 copy paper, the current price is 195 yuan per box (1 box of 10 packs, 500 sheets per pack), an increase of 20 yuan over last month.

Coated paper also went crazy. The reporter learned from a number of printing companies that starting from the second half of last year, the price of coated paper per month increased from 6,400 yuan / ton at the beginning to about 8,000 yuan / ton today. A person in charge of an enterprise providing online printing services told reporters, "The price of 128 grams of coated paper is now 8200 yuan per ton. It was only 7,000 yuan last year! This year's paper prices are really going crazy."

Expert analysis

The price of paper rose steadily

The international pulp price has increased from nearly 340 US dollars / ton last year to about 1,000 US dollars / ton, which has nearly doubled in more than a year. And the earthquake in Chile at the end of February made the industry's strong expectations for the continuous rise in pulp prices.

Analysts believe that the Chile earthquake, strikes by workers in Finland and Sweden, shutdowns of paper mills in North America, and delays in putting Chinese mills into operation will have a lasting and long-lasting impact on the global pulp market.

Xiong Xiaokun, a researcher in the light industry of CIC Consulting, believes that the trend of paper prices in 2010 depends on the trend of commodity pulp prices and the needs of the downstream publishing and printing industry. According to his analysis, in the rest of this year, the price of paper will show a steady upward trend, and the possibility of a sharp decline is very small.

"With the steady recovery of supply, the significant increase in pulp prices is not obvious." At the same time, if the pulp price rises sharply, it will prompt some paper companies to seek alternative raw materials, such as straw pulp or purchase domestic commodity pulp. This will, to a certain extent, have the effect of stabilizing the price of international commodity pulp.

In addition, with the recovery of the macro economy, the demand for paper products in the publishing and printing industry will gradually rise. This aspect will make the current paper price in a steady and rising trend, which will in turn inhibit the excessive price of paper. rise. (According to "Nanfang Daily" etc.)

Say something

Rich may not be able to buy good goods

One article

When you are sitting in the office and easily click "print" on your computer, you must have never thought that the sheets of paper coming out of the printer are predecessors of trees.

You know how difficult it is to make a piece of paper! In the paper production process, wood must be processed into pulp first, and its output is about 50%-about half of the trees are knuckles, lignin and other ingredients that cannot be used for papermaking. Some people have calculated that a tree can make about 80,500 sheets of paper.

Some environmentalists say that if each person discards 300 kg of waste paper each year, it is equivalent to cutting 3 large trees that have grown for 20 years. If recycled into products, air pollution can be reduced by 75% to 95%.

In your daily life, maybe you don't see a page or two of blank paper, and you lose it. Maybe you think a piece of paper is worth a few cents, and you are afraid that you can't buy countless pieces of paper if you have money?

If every office worker thinks so, the earth will be miserable! The earth is miserable, and your situation is not much better-you have no chance to see a large lush forest, and you cannot breathe fresh and humid air ...

The raw material of paper is tree, and the resources of tree are limited. The population is increasing, the economy is developing, more and more places are used for paper, and the growth rate of human paper is much faster than the growth of trees.

In order to keep one more tree and one more green forest, you and I should use it as much as possible when using paper. One paper is multi-purpose, both positive and negative, and we must find ways to recycle it.