Sister-in-law puts on the shelves in advance, citizens prefer vacuum packaging this year
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Large supermarket dumplings have been put on the shelves with high profile. Unlike in previous years, vacuum-packed dumplings are more popular with consumers this year.

粽子更受消费者青睐。 There is still more than a month before the Dragon Boat Festival, but the major supermarket dumplings have been on the shelves with a high profile. Unlike in previous years, this year's vacuum- packed dumplings are more popular with consumers.
Yesterday, the reporter saw in some stores that Shimizuya, Doushayu, and Torchya have been listed, and the Xunzi exhibition area is full of sights.
According to a person from China Business Parity, Zongzi will be listed half a year earlier this year. The taste of fresh meat is hot in the past years. The public still prefers Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavored zongzi.
However, he said that quick-frozen dumplings showed signs of shrinking this year, and vacuum-packed dumplings appeared to be more popular. "Vacuum dumplings are easy to store, just put them in the microwave and heat them."
Not only quick-frozen dumplings, but also quick-frozen dumplings and buns are being treated coldly. The source said that quick-frozen foods have increased at a rate of 40% in previous years and less than 20% this year.
"It is mainly affected by the economic crisis." According to industry analysts, there are more unemployed and unemployed people, and the pace of life is not as fast. More people are willing to make dumplings and buns by themselves. .