Convenient food and beverage packaging
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Convenient food and beverage packaging

The fastest food development trend is not nutritional value, but food consumption that is taken away or eaten while walking. Food manufacturers around the world are developing foods and beverages that can be taken out of the market. The packaging design of these foods is not limited to the basic goal of protection during transportation and marketing. The food in the package is not only edible, it should also be delicious. The form of the package must be easy to hold with one hand; the package must be easy to open, seal, and reopen; the package should try to reduce waste.

In the past, chocolate bars, bagged shell-shaped chocolate candies, and canned carbonated beverages were the most typical takeaway foods to eat on the go. At present, take-away food has developed into a "quick-service restaurant". Foods that can be taken out include hamburgers and tacos with packaging, chicken nuggets and french fries in paper cups, polystyrene bottled drinks and wrinkled fiber cartons. Loaded pizza.

There is no such thing as a liquid product that is more exotic than the squeezeable yoghurt packaging that was developed a few years ago. After years of development, yogurt in flexible tubes is not only more delicious, but has also led to the rapid development of other liquid or semi-solid food packaging. Children can squeeze the food in this soft, squeezeable package directly into their mouths and swallow it. Derived products such as frozen liquid sticks, puddings that can be squeezed and packed quickly spread on the market. Aseptic tube-shaped applesauce also appeared, but it quickly faded, because the target market did not accept this concept, people are used to eating monomeric applesauce in plastic cups. The squeezeable tube packaging derived from the toothpaste tube is also applied to peanut butter, which is convenient for squeezing peanut butter onto bread, and is suitable for the sandwich market that is being adjusted and developed.

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